Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The sun!

The sun, the sun! Within the time span of about thirty minutes it went from being cold and rainy outside to hot and humid. For this I am thankful. Sure, I have to put up with the humidity of which I am not a fan of, but in the end all the humidity means is the a the sun is drying up all the rain! Soon the Itsy-bitsy Spider will climb up the spout again... or something. All I know is if it keeps this up I'll be able to take pictures tomorrow!

Also, I'm absolutely loving blogger. I've just come across a hilarious and brilliant blog by Allie Brosh. Her style and humor are fantastic and quite original. I really liked her most recent post (as of 9/1/2010), it's about situations of social entrapment.

Check her out if this makes you chuckle.


  1. I love the rain XD I dont like it when it gets too hot.

  2. I usually love the rain as well, especially thunderstorms. My opinion of the weather all has to do with my desire for the day.

  3. I love watching thunderstorms... from the comfort of my home. Makes me feel safe. :)

  4. I've been following Allie for ages now and everything she says/types is just hilarious.