Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Captivating Mushrooms

Q. Hey guys, why did the fungi (fun guy) leave the party?

Click to enlarge

Very interesting little mushrooms. 
You can see several of them back there.
Their stems looked and felt like NERF Darts.

A. There wasn't mushroom. (much room)


  1. First one was really hard to see... but at the same time made me feel like i was in a jungle, haha!

    Second... is that really a mushroom? o.O

  2. Sorry the first picture is a bit hard to make out, I wanted to show all the little mushrooms growing back in the brush. And they are indeed real hehe. The skirt is a mesh of hexagons. Very strange looking little 'shroomies. I've never seen any others like them.

  3. Well they are very nice finds, even if the first one is harder to see. The second reminds me of a tentacle or... a badly circumcised dong, lol